Are you trying to find the 'right fat burner' that will give you a fit body tomorrow while you are still enjoying your cakes, cookies, ice cream and pizza?

Are you looking for the 'right exercise' that will make a certain body part look perfect after just one session?

Are you not even concerned with exercise or eating right, and looking for a magical potion, book or scheme to lose weight and be fit?

Are you eating 5 or 6 small healthy meals a day but thinking there is a magical combination of food and eating times? ...are you over analyzing food plans for months(analysis paralysis) or thinking there is a magical nutrition combination of meals that everyone is keeping secret from you? Or maybe you've been eating right for an entire 3 days and you are wondering wtf, where are the results? In most cases of over analyzing and micro managing food plans, the problem is not the plan.. it's YOU! You are not sticking with it or eating lots of crap in addition, thinking 'what difference will a little cookie, pizza or glass of wine make' and you are sabotaging results.

Are you debating if you need to do your workout routine in a full body work out style, or a body part split? Or maybe over analyzing whether you should do weights first or cardio first? And once you figure out the right answer you will be in top shape after one session? Either style workout is fine as long as you do it consistently.  Try different ways and see what works for you.

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you are searching for magic and probably won't reach your goals until you get real about being consistent, dedicated, and hard working all the time to reach your fitness goals over a long period of time, not 2 days. Regardless of all the exercising you do, you will not see any defined muscles or have that 'toned' look unless you lower your bodyfat by eating right. And if you aren't consistent, forget about seeing results. Busting your ass is the magic!!

Many people are in complete denial that exercising and eating right consistently is required to be fit. Most problems happen when people are looking for a scheme to eat all the food they love and also have the best looking body possible. It comes down to a choice. I know if I were eating crappy foods I love everyday ( potato chips and cheesecake) I would not be in good shape.

All you can do is eat the right amount of food for your goals and eliminate the wrong food(crap).. Nutrition and workouts can always be improved, but there is no magic formula. If you want to see any magic happen, stop eating crap for a few weeks and you'll be amazed.

Advice for Success

1. When you don't feel like doing your workout, do it anyway. You'll feel better afterwards.

2. When you feel like eating pizza for dinner, eat grilled chicken instead, you will survive. You'll feel great about your choice the next day.

3. Keep doing the above every week consistently. Consistency is KEY.

You can keep searching, hoping and praying there is magical potion, scheme, or pill to get you where you want to be, but you'll just keep spinning your wheels. You already know what you need to do,... step away from the crap and you won't be wondering where your results are because you will see them for yourself.

It would be really nice if you could go out buy some cream, rub it on your ass, and get rid of cellulite... but its just not going to happen that way. Cellulite reduces when you make consistent healthy food choices and eliminate crap... the majority of the women have cellulite because the majority of women eat crap.  There is no potion that gets rid of cellulite.

Why is this article here? Because over the past 25 years while I've been struggling each week to squeeze in my workouts on a regular basis, and say no thank you to all the junk food that is offered to me each day... I have seen many people around me try every scheme possible, (anything but eating right and exercising) from pills to crazy diet plans, teas.. etc..

Progress takes time and only happens when you are consistent, so don't give up. Everybody knows at least one magic seeker :)