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It is no secret that most people don't like to exercise, so if you think working out is hard and you think that eating healthy sucks, I totally agree.  However, it is definitely the best way to have a fit  and lean body.  It is well worth the hard work and sacrifice.


If you love working out and eating healthy food, this site probably isn't for you, just do a search for 'fun exercise' and you'll have a choice of about a million other websites where you do no challenging workouts, eat anything you want, pay lots of money, and get no results.   If you are looking for a way to eat all the food you love anytime you want, never exercise, yet somehow be in the best shape of your life, this site is not for you :)   There is no magic to be fit, you need to work hard and eat right.  Your reward is a fit and healthy body for your entire life.

I am not a trainer, nutritionist or fitness professional of any sort... Just chatting about how hard it is, but very rewarding to stay fit.  I am setting an example of long term fitness without any potions.
I put this site up in 2006 after hearing so much nonsense about people trying to get fit by attempting schemes and magical tricks.. which of course don't work. (Sadly as the years go on the tricks and schemes are getting worse)  Please don't treat fitness like an unsolved mystery..and don't be a magic seeker..  all anyone can do is eat right and exercise consistently to be fit.. just a matter of actually doing it.  Being fit is doesn't cost anything.  You don't need to buy a workout plan or a magic meal plan.. keep making healthy food choices and do your workouts.   I've done it consistently for over 25 years now by using common sense and I will keep at it throughout my life...


(site under construction.. last updated  June 7, 2016)
THANK YOU so much for all the great emails.. I am in the process of catching up!
sorry my website is a piece of shit lol, I don't do fitness for a living and this website is not a business so it will just suck for now but the helpful info is still here.  No magic plans or schemes, work hard and stick with it.




It seems as though many people who are fit,  claim to love working out and eating healthy.    That baffles me,  I dread working out most days and eating healthy food  is not so great compared to the deliciousness of all the fried cheesy foods and of course all pastries and desserts.    Do some people really love working out so much?  Or are they confusing the process with the results?  I don't like working out , but I love being fit so I suck it up and do my workout everyday even though I usually don't feel like it.  After I am finished working out always feel great and very happy that I did it.

I’ve discussed the topic with other people I know who exercise regularly, and  it turns out, most can relate to me not being crazy about the workout process and they have also even admitted to not liking it.   After all, it is a process of pushing your body to the limit, working hard,  getting off your  ass and sweating,…  and being consistent about it every week.  I love the results, but the process is so hard.   I would rather be sitting on the couch and eating snacks, so if you don't like exercising either you are completely normal :)


So what do you do when you want to be in shape but you don’t like working out and eating healthy?     Admitting it is the first step.  I admit it,  working out can be a thorn in my side many days.  Then  I face reality.... it is truly the only way to get in great shape.  There are no magical pills or tricks, if there were I would be first in line.


  So I  suck it up do it anyway, even though I don’t feel like doing it many times.   This grueling process is the only way to have a truly fit body.  Its your body.. why not take great care of it!!    I am currently 47..  I have found out on my fitness journey (despite what people have told me) that bodies don't fall apart as you age.. not if you take care of them.

If I can drag my lazy ass up for a workout almost everyday, then anybody  who desires to be fit can do it.  There is NO magic, you have to bust your ass.

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